Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A GREAT end to 2010

The ornament sale is scheduled to conclude as the New Year begins. We have 2 days to reach our goal! I know we can make it.

I just received word that the pups who traveled to New Hampshire on Monday are becoming available for adoption on New Years Eve - which means many (if not all) of them will be in their new homes ringing in the new year! What a wonderful holiday season this has been!

From the time we began the ornament sale just after Thanksgiving until today, we have had a number of transports make their way north. Some of the lucky pups who are now playing in the snow daily are Tarzan, Lemon, Biscuit, Linus, Bella, Bumble Bee, Louise, Tulip, Zephyr, Barkley, Lime, Abby and Cisco.

If you've sponsored a pup not listed above, he/she could be on the next trip up north! Remember, we are always looking for new volunteer drivers! :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Almost Home" - Shelby Dogs Arrive in New Hampshire

Nothing could stop our volunteers from getting these lucky pups to New Hampshire in time to celebrate the New Year! They arrived this morning and are busy enjoying the snow!

Pictured are Hugs and Scooter, just 2 of the 32 dogs taken to the Humane Society for Greater Nashua! The other passengers included Boby, Pear, Bruce, Caleb, Tulip, Desperado, Fawn, Daisy, Jingles, Ace, Maxi, Starburst, Dino, Noah, Barkley, and Tweety ... to name a few!

Thank YOU for your support and generosity this holiday season to ensure these pups a home for 2011!

Friday, December 24, 2010

a new GOAL!

Merry Christmas Eve! Our hearts are overwhelmed with the support that we have received for our homeless pets. We never imagined how many lives these ornaments would save! As a result, we have increased our goal of $10,000 to $15,000! I think we can reach it! Let's save more lives before the New Year! (the fundraiser will continue until New Years)

Many thanks to those of you who have opened your hearts and your wallets this holiday season to save a life (or more)! We are so grateful. Thank you for helping us close 2010 in such a powerful way.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Save a Life - Get an Ornament!












Mistletoe-- SAVED



Sweat Pea-- SAVED

Tigger-- SAVED

Roxbury-- SAVED

Tweety-- SAVED

Shaggy-- SAVED

Scooter -- SAVED


Mitzie-- SAVED

Maxi-- SAVED

Jellybean-- SAVED

Jamaica-- SAVED



Dino-- SAVED

Daisy-- SAVED


Bruce-- SAVED

Bangle-- SAVED

Sweat Pea-- SAVED

Pear -- SAVED

Marable -- SAVED

Lia -- SAVED

Joey-- SAVED

Jingles-- SAVED


Gecko-- SAVED

Flavo -- SAVED

Disco -- SAVED

Cherry-- SAVED

Buddy-- SAVED

Brownie -- SAVED

Brock-- SAVED

Blue-Bloom-- SAVED

Barkley -- SAVED

Ace -- SAVED

Abby #1 -- SAVED

Abby #2-- SAVED

Zephyr -- SAVED

Wiggles - SAVED

Weezy -- SAVED

Watermelon -- SAVED

Tyson-- SAVED

Twilight -- SAVED

Tulip -- SAVED

Tucker -- SAVED

Tarzan - SAVED

Tango -- SAVED

Starburst -- SAVED

Spinner-- SAVED

Smiley -- SAVED

Rollin -- SAVED

Rocko-- SAVED

Raspberry -- SAVED

Pumpkin Patch-- SAVED

Pom Pom -- SAVED

Pluto -- SAVED

Pepper -- SAVED

Peach-- SAVED

Nena -- SAVED

Maxi -- SAVED

Lulu -- SAVED

Lucy -- SAVED

Louise -- SAVED

Lora -- SAVED

Linus-- SAVED

Lime -- SAVED

Lia -- SAVED

Lemon -- SAVED

Lacy -- SAVED

Kitty -- SAVED

Kaden-- SAVED

Jitterbug -- SAVED

Jack -- SAVED

Isaac -- SAVED

Hugs -- SAVED

Honey Bear -- SAVED

Gloria -- SAVED

George -- SAVED

Donald -- SAVED

Desperado -- SAVED

Daisy -- SAVED

Cisco -- SAVED

Cinder-- SAVED

Chelsea -- SAVED

Bumble Bee -- SAVED

Boomer -- SAVED

Boby -- SAVED

Biscuit -- SAVED

Aladdin -- SAVED

Apple -- SAVED


Ava -- SAVED

Bella -- SAVED

Bingo -- SAVED