Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A GREAT end to 2010

The ornament sale is scheduled to conclude as the New Year begins. We have 2 days to reach our goal! I know we can make it.

I just received word that the pups who traveled to New Hampshire on Monday are becoming available for adoption on New Years Eve - which means many (if not all) of them will be in their new homes ringing in the new year! What a wonderful holiday season this has been!

From the time we began the ornament sale just after Thanksgiving until today, we have had a number of transports make their way north. Some of the lucky pups who are now playing in the snow daily are Tarzan, Lemon, Biscuit, Linus, Bella, Bumble Bee, Louise, Tulip, Zephyr, Barkley, Lime, Abby and Cisco.

If you've sponsored a pup not listed above, he/she could be on the next trip up north! Remember, we are always looking for new volunteer drivers! :)


  1. Since this has concluded is there another way to help the dogs now?

  2. Yes of course! You can still donate $50 to sponsor a dog! We have volunteers transporting dogs year round. Please visit our website at and look at our dogs that are available for adoption. You can sponsor through our blog and then email us the name of the dog you'd like to sponsor and we'll send you their picture in the mail! THANK YOU!